Toddlers Dance

60 Minutes
60 Minutes / Session

Whether you've got a ballerina or a toe-tapping tot, dance classes for two-year-old can be a perfect opportunity for munchkins to build their motor skills…and their creativity.

What is it?

Toddlers Dance class is designed to build motor skills, their creativity, and acclimate toddlers to a dance class environment.

What do we teach?

  • It’s all about fun!
  • The tiny dancers spend class time playing movement games and picking up a few basic terms (like “tippy toes”).
  • Basic skills such as listening, motor, and expressive skills.
  • Creative movement classes with basic steps to several types of dance such as freestyle, Hip Hop, Jazz, and ballet, all in a fun way.
  • Involves props, such as hoops, bars, balls. spring balls, so on) to enhance their learning experience.

Who can take this program?

  • Ideal for two-year-old to 4 years munchkins. 
  • Involves parents (or caretakers) in the class.
  • Toddlers under two-and-a-half do well in mommy-and-me programs (also called caretaker-accompanied classes), where you, your partner, or a sitter take part.
  • Older toddlers thrive in small classes in which mentors are the only grown-ups in the room, parents can watch their pint-size performer through TV sets.

What are the takeaways?

4 hours of fun sessions per month | Seasoned mentor who is great with kids | Offer classes in packs of 4/8/12 sessions with longer extensions. Flexible policy on absences and makeup classes as kids might miss a class for several reasons (fast asleep and you don’t want to wake her up)  

What to wear?

Comfy wear! The most important thing, of course, is that the tots move around in their outfit.


4 Classes/Month | Every Saturdays | 9:30 - 10:30 AM 

Fee structure

Drop-in: Rs. 400 | Monthly Rs. 1500 | Quarterly Rs. 4000 | One Time Registration Fee: Rs. 1000/-

Book a free demo

To book a free trial, click this link and choose the day of the week and dance style.