Class Terms and Conditions
  1. dance360 sessions are strictly on a first come first served basis. To avoid disappointment, we advise that you enroll to classes well in advance.  
  2. The booking or paying or sending the completed form or making a payment, is deemed to be considered as acceptance of the terms & conditions stated herewith. It is advisable to secure your booking by no later than the start of the first lesson to secure your place. All debit/credit card payment applications are deemed to have been confirmed after they have been authorized. Students joining the course late will still be required to pay the full fees.  
  3. We can only send confirmation of a place on a course by email, so please provide a valid email address. In the event that a valid email address is not provided, it is the student's responsibility to obtain confirmation of the start dates of courses. 
  4. Non-payment of entire fees will mean that your place will not be confirmed on the course until such time that the full fees are paid up. This is subject to places being available.
  5. Refund policy is applicable: 
    1. A full refund will only be given if a refund request is received in writing before the date of the 2nd lesson of the year. No refunds are permitted after the second week of enrolment as a guaranteed place has been secured for the students dance training for consecutive terms during that year. 
    2. Should the company be subject to any charges/fees as a result of any payments being declined, incorrect or invalid payment details, unauthorized cancellations, etc, you will be liable to pay the company this amount within 28 days and before any refund can be issued. 
    3. Any refunds authorized will be issued within the current term period and at the company’s discretion. 
    4. By entering into any membership, you are agreeing to all the company terms and conditions. 
    5. All requests for refunds, transfer of courses, venues or terms must be made in writing (email) and must be received by the office by no later than the start of the 2nd lesson (2nd week).  
  6. Certificates will be issued to students taking exams at the end of each term. Please ensure that you keep your certificates and exam reports in a safe place as there will be a fee for a certificate or report replacement.  
  7. Examination fees are payable by all members (unless any promotions exempt you) and are non-refundable. If you are unable to take your exam you must advise the Head Office in writing before the exam date and the fee may be transferred to a future exam sitting. The Office cannot, however, guarantee a replacement exam date other than the pre-scheduled timings. 
  8. Any promotions/special offers cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers.  
  9. dance360 reserves the right of admission and to alter, cancel times and dates of classes. If any classes are canceled/rearranged due to circumstances beyond our control, the lost time will be made up or appropriate reduction in fees paid (based on hours not taught) given. If a mentor is not available on any occasion every endeavor will be made to provide another trainer.  
  10. It is the responsibility of all students to communicate to the studio any changes in their personal details or any other details. Please do not communicate any of these changes to the mentor, as they will not be in a position to deal with such matters. 
  11. Only students whose names are on the registers will be allowed to participate in the class. Individuals who are not on the registers will be asked to leave. 
  12. No parents/visitors are allowed to sit in the class whilst the class is being conducted except the parents whose children are attending the 4-7 year age class.  
  13. Students are kindly asked to wait outside the class and they should only enter the class when their class is due to commence. 
  14. Parents/Guardians coming to collect their children are kindly asked to wait outside patiently until the class finishes.  
  15. The Studio is a strictly no smoking institution, and therefore no students, parents or visitors are allowed to smoke on the premises. Alcohol, chewing of gum and eating is also prohibited.  
  16. The studio reserves the right to change venues/ timetable/mentor during the term. 
  17. All mobile phones/pagers must be turned off in a class by students, parents, and visitors.  
  18. Any student found displaying bad conduct, disturbing classes, regularly arriving late for class(s) without permission and general misbehavior will not be tolerated. The student will be asked to leave the course and fees will be forfeited.  
  19. The courses, although of a high standard, are offered for recreational and leisure purpose and the studio are therefore under no obligation to find work for the students.  
  20. All students are advised to wear loose clothing and comfortable shoes. Dancing will be taught mainly with bare feet or soft-soled shoes, except with the modeling course, where shoes will be allowed. Pointed high heels will not be allowed. No jewelry such as large/loose earrings, long chains/necklaces are permitted to be worn in a class.  
  21. No cameras and video recording equipment are allowed in the classes, except with written permission. All photographs taken by the studio during the classes are copyright of the academy.  
  22. As the classes are situated in a residential area, students are asked to attend classes without creating excessive noise outside or causing a nuisance to the neighbors. Parents are requested to ensure that their children are well behaved.  
  23. Shows may be staged in front of a live audience to help build confidence and give students practical experience. If a student does not want to perform on stage, the management/teacher will need to be told in advance.  
  24. Students are not permitted to make any public performance of any dance numbers taught at dance360 without prior written permission from the studio. Use of any choreography taught by the studio without such permission will result in immediate dismissal from the course/s, and forfeiture of course fees and payment of a penalty in the sum of Rs.30,000 for unauthorized use of the choreography. Please call 7676360360 for a permission form.  
  25. Those students who represent dance360 (by performing at shows etc.) will not be permitted to represent any other institution without prior consent.  
  26. dance360 accepts no responsibility for any accident, loss or injury sustained by any person or to their property.  
  27. Before beginning any of the courses offered, it is advisable to obtain the approval of your doctor. These courses are for people of all ages in good health.  
  28. Enrolments for any friend through the Recommend a friend promotion must be registered/enrolled and paid together at the same time to take advantage of this promotion.