Dance Classes
Ideal for dance enthusiasts who want to learn dance for stage performances. Syllabus-based training incorporates technique, musicality, performance, conditioning, and choreography. Students are tracked periodically and gets promoted the next level on successful completion of the program.
All Styles/Freestyle
Ideal for dance fanatics who enjoy dance Indian Cinematic songs. Class incorporates elements of Jazz, Hip Hop, Freestyle, in the Bollywood style.
Beginners Bollywood
Designed to fit around working life. Ideal for a corporate crowd seeking fun session with high-energy rhythms of Indian cinema.
Commercial Contemporary
Ideal for beginners seeking foundation in Contemporary Dance. This form is not bounded by set standards or defined styles.
Whether you are a dancer looking for a challenge or a fan taking your K-pop love to the next level, K-pop dances are a blast to learn. Ideal for teenagers and k-pop lovers! 
If you are a dance enthusiast who is interested to learn Kathak, this is an ideal place to be. Perfect for corporate who missed dance in their childhood days. 
Belly Dance
Perfect for those with little or no experience. Focuses on isolation, improves posture, and strengthens back muscles.
Hip Hop
Offers an introduction to hip hop dance, combining basic moves to form extended routines, with the chance to devise your own choreography.

Aerial Silks
No previous aerial experience required! You learn climbs, inverts, locks, & slides on an aerial fabric. Work in small groups & practice new moves at your own pace.
Graded Ballet 
Designed for students over 8 years. Provides an scheme for dance, which gives the basis for the measurement of student's progress & development. 
Freestyle for Young Adults
Ideal for young kids with elementary dance skills. Offers step-up dance lessons with a foundation to technical, musicality and stage performances. 
Urban Dance Style
Ideal for young adults. Inspired from different styles and its foundations, Urban dance is mixed together to express through choreography. 
Jazz Dance
Ideal for kids over young kids and adults. Jazz develops well-rounded skills.Combines styles and techniques from a variety of popular dance forms.
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