Kids Dance Classes

Designed for holistic development, including creative, social, and leadership skills through movement art in an intensive, yet in a fun way. Kids dance routines, not just nurtures mind, but gives them the right kind of body fitness which may help your kids live a better lifestyle and stay away from life-taking health issues.

Hip Hop for kids

Ideal for kids over 7 years. Hip Hop is graceful, energetic. It challenges your body in a multitude of different ways. This batch is a precursor to the main form. 

Freestyle Dance for Kids 

Ideal for beginners kids looking for fun dance at the foundation level and gradually develops an interest in dance as a serious hobby.

Jazz for Kids

Ideal for kids over 7 years. Develops well-rounded dance skills. Jazz converges styles and techniques from a variety of popular dance forms.

Aerial Silks for kids

Ideal for kids from 4 years and over. Aerial silks offer physical strength, as well as the transformation of the figure and mood improvements.

Artistic Gymnastics for kids

Best for kids over 5 years. Aids in strength development! with strong and healthy bones, your toddler will build up their total body strength as well.

Breaking for kids (Coming Soon)
Ideal for kids over 7 years. Considered as sports and be included as in the Olympic program, Break dancing is catching up among the youths. 
Toddlers Dance 
Whether you've got a ballerina or a toe-tapping tot, dance classes for two-year-old can be a perfect opportunity for munchkins to build their motor skills…and their creativity. 
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