Graded Ballet

60 Minutes
60 Minutes / Session


What is it?

Graded Ballet classes are available for all experience levels and provide the opportunity to develop strength, flexibility, and coordination. This class not only prepares students for graded examinations, but it is also a great way to improve posture physical awareness and fitness for a lifetime. Musically inspired exercises and dances promote joy in movement, creative interpretation, and performance.

What do you learn?

  • The basic combination of steps: and short, simple choreography
  • Exercises and stretches, including learning each exercise name and meaning
  • This class develops skills including Core stability, Weight placement, Turnout and line, Artistry and dynamics, 
  • Learning footwork combinations, Self-expression, Stamina, Discipline, Mental ability, and Confidence
  • understand posture: and an awareness of your body in space
  • Develop basic co-ordination: of arms/feet /head

* Exact content may differ depending on students' needs and course duration.

Who can take this program?

Designed for students over 8 years. Provides an scheme for dance, which gives the basis for the measurement of student's progress & development.  

What are the takeaways?

4 hours of intensive sessions per month | Seasoned artists and movement art specialists | Opportunity to perform for stage shows | Syllabus based classes with predefined modules | Certification by end of the course

What to wear?

It's usually acceptable to also wear a short ballet skirt. Guys traditionally wear thicker, black tights or leggings with a white, fitted T-shirt, or a full-body tight; black ballet slippers and an undergarment called a dance belt. Whether or not this is the required attire, will be up to the teacher or school.


4 Classes/Month | Sundays | 1 to 2 PM

Fee structure

Registration fees: Rs. 1000/- | Monthly: Rs. 2250/- | Quarterly: Rs. 6750/- (Inludes Performance, Certifictete and Training)

Book a free trial

To book a free trial, click this link and choose the day of the week and dance style.