We are expanding our leadership team
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COO – The Strategist 
Are you good at strategic thinking, be open to new perspectives, and found better ways to do things? We have you covered. 

You must have excellent leadership skills, business acumen, and capacity to manage, lead, and supervise a multidisciplinary team. 
CMO - The Influencer
Are you an influencer type? Then tag along! You will have one mission—to create a name for the startup in its industry. And then achieve this by thoroughly marketing to the right audience. 

You will not only present the product but ensure that the audience remembers the product and the company.
CFO - The Gamemaster
Good with a fair and square equation? Be a part of the startup management team and be the gamemaster in scaling-up the business. 

As a CFO, you will control the company’s overall finances health, and cash flow. You will also keep the company in the safe zone, primarily when investing for future growth. 

Apply for Mentoring Opportunities

Mentors are the backbone of a learning community. Let's foster our community. 

Share Your Passion!

If you are seeking to teach or partner with us, apply to the respective positions. There is no bar to age and experience! As a mentor, you must be able to share great stuff with your pupils. We look forward to knowing what skills can you bring to the table for our learners.